Tuesday, April 12, 2011


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Very simple tool to get different wallpaper for each home screen. Camera photos or any pictures of any size.
Just select pictures or a folder.

This app cannot change the number of your home screens!! It's a live wallpaper

how to use:
HOME->MENU->'Wallpaper'->'Live Wallpapers'
LONG TAP ON HOME SCREEN->'Wallpaper'->'Live Wallpapers'
Try 'compatibility mode' if your launcher (like TouchWiz for example) does not support scrolling.

The app doesn't drain battery and works with as many desktops as you have.. but you may set this number manually if it cannot be obtained automatically.
You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and even white balance.. crop, scale and rotate.. and the app doesn't rewrite pictures and it does not store thumbnails. So it doesn't need any extra space on your SD card.
Also you can double-tap the screen or shake your phone to change wallpaper
If you wish you can buy a "donate" version which is almost the same but without commercials and it also has an ability to choose solid colors as wallpapers.
Any comments or suggestions are really appreciated
...and if it doesn't work for you PLEASE email me and be more specific :)